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see more Swanston Street wall - 5th anniversary

A few people have asked recently what ever came of the investigations into the wall collapse. For those not familiar, a long section of brick wall fell to the footpath at the C.U.B. site in Swanston Street one windy day late in March 2013.

28.03.18 in brick authorities

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Kegs against wall
Kegs lined up against the wall, c. 1980s (VHD)

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05.04.15 in brick authorities

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see more That fallen wall - part 3

Perhaps read these first or things won’t make sense: FIRST POST SECOND POST

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12.04.13 in brick authorities

see more That fallen wall - part 2

A week ago three people died while they were walking down Swanston Street. One was a French research fellow at Monash. The other two were a young brother and sister on their way to the footy. I published a post about the wall that collapsed on Sunday, gathering together what I could find from publicly available web pages. I didn’t expect the level of reaction I got. I was contacted by all sorts of mainstream media outlets, many in search of speculative comment. My investigations were made not because I consider myself an expert in walls and wind, but because I knew how to do it relatively quickly, and because I wanted to do something.

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07.04.13 in brick authorities

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see more That fallen wall

On Thursday afternoon two young pedestrians were killed by a falling brick wall in central Melbourne, and another 18 year old was ferried to hospital in a critical condition but died on Easter Sunday.

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31.03.13 in brick authorities

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ashton raggatt mcdougall - think brick awards

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Adrian Lahoud

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15.08.08 in architects brick

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