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angel centre demolition

This year’s Stirling shortlist is of buildings most modest. The Guardian calls it “austerity architecture”. I have read here and there that the GFC has apparently made exclamatory buildings a little bitter on the palate up on the topside, though Zaha did get a listing for the speedlining Evelyn Grace academy in Lambeth, which the Guardian calls, “one of the most expensive city academy schools ever built”. Two of the shortlisted buildings are extensive renovations to existing buildings, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in…

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Grand Huf

As a preface to an upcoming article on prefab housing, which may not be ready for a while… here is a Grand Designs repeat about the construction of a german Huf Haus , demonstrating how ridiculously quickly they can be erected, and also how weirdly it sits in its English suburban context. It expires VERY soon though – May 23. iView here .

out there

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    British regulations for escape distances are based on getting people out of a building in the time it takes to play the national anthem.
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    Does every empty brutalist space need to be "activated" with shops? "Cramming London's South Bank with restaurants and retail will rob the capital of precious open space."
  • Will Self reviews...  »
    A March 2012 review of Owen Hatherley'sbooks "Militant Modernism" and "A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain". "it is the great strength of his writing – as well as its besetting weakness – that he aims for an explicitly politicised critique of all the gimcrack cladded office blocks, giant Venetian-blind-slatted ‘luxury flat’ developments and parametrically designed waveform rooftops that clutter up the contemporary British cityscape."