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A sentiment in a minor key

Postcard - Maybeck Palace - Uni Berkeley collection

The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco is out of the way now, sandwiched between The Presidio military barracks and a residential neighbourhood. It was out on the edge because it it sits on what used to be the swampy 635 acre home of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition (“The Innocent Fair”). There’s little left to see of the buildings that made up the expo, but it was well-documented – here’s a good glimpse showing the Palace in construction.

PPIE 1915 documentary…

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Pruitt Igoe - the film

You know the photos and the footage. In case you don’t here it is, complete with prevailing attitude courtesy of Robert Hughes.

According to Hughes, “every sort of Corbusian amenity” did not “improve” the tenants, who ripped it apart. I’ve been waiting a while for the film “The Pruitt-Igoe Myth” to become available and now it is, and for a short while (until mid February) it’s streaming freely on the web at World…

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out there

  • Architecture for Humanity Closes  »
    AFH 'pivots' its mission and closes while filing for bankruptcy. This follows Emergency Architects Australia's closure two years ago.
  • Renzo Piano‚Äôs Kimbell expansion is generous to a fault  »
    "Piano’s addition sits implacably behind a screen of sentry-like elms, generally mirroring Kahn’s building in scale and materiality, but otherwise failing to engage it in any kind of meaningful dialog or to charge the grassy space between them. The head-to-head battle of architectural heavyweights never truly materializes."
  • Markers of JFK tragedy fail to impress  »
    "The cheif problem with Johnson... was not his political unsuitability, but the lack of an animating vision..."