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Arthur Erickson Conservancy see more open website in same window

The Arthur Erickson Conservancy (AEC) is the sole artist-authorized agency for the work of Arthur Erickson, in perpetuity.

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Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation see more open website in same window

“The mission of the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation (BWAF) is to expand the historical knowledge and cultural recognition of American women architects of the 20th century, with a special focus on the time period 1950-1980.”

Center for Architecture and Design see more open website in same window

“The Center for Architecture + Design enhances public appreciation for architecture and design both locally and internationally through exhibitions, lectures, tours, film series and other programs that aim to reveal the richness of the design arts.”

Fondation Le Corbusier at Maison la Roche see more open website in same window

Housed in the Maison La Roche (open to the public, along with Maison Jeanneret and Immeuble Molitor).

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Friedensreich­Hundertwasser see more open website in same window

“I should like, and I do it too quite instinctively, to live an example, live an example to people, paint for them a paradise that each may have, he need only grasp it.

Paradise is there, but we destroy it.”

I saw Hundertwasser speak in Wellington in 1990. One cheeky listener piped up, “if you think straight lines are so bad, why are you wearing a striped shirt?” To which the grand old man immediately countered (paraphrasing), “they are not straight lines when they are being worn.”

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Griffin Society see more open website in same window

“Established in 1988 in Sydney, Australia, the Society commemorates the lives and works of Walter Burley Griffin (1876–1937) and Marion Mahony Griffin (1871–1961) and promotes the environmental ideals and community life they fostered in Australia.

John Lautner Foundation see more open website in same window

John Lautner (1911-94). The foundation website for this has all kinds of bits on it – well it used to – it has been rebuilt this year and feels a bit empty. There’s some good stuff if you dig though – here is a list of films Lautner houses appear in, and a growing photo library. They also have good newsletters you can read on site that unearth some of the lesser known houses. The site’s boxy styling doesn’t really do justice to Lautner’s work – I’d love to restyle it – for free!

Jørn Utzon - Utzon Centre see more open website in same window

Danish architect and besieged designer of the Sydney Opera House. The Utzon Centre is currently establishing an archive.

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Luis Barragan see more open website in same window

Luis Barragan architect (and colourist). The Barragan Foundation is (oddly?) based in Switzerland and has a portfolio of his projects on their website.

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National Design Centre see more open website in same window

The National Design Centre is the only major, public centre in Australia dedicated exclusively to design across all its disciplines.

Paul Rudolph Foundation see more open website in same window

Paul Rudolph 1918-1997.

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Robin Boyd Foundation see more open website in same window

“The Robin Boyd Foundation will continue the work and spirit of Robin Boyd through an active, innovative and ongoing series of public learning programs developed to increase individual and community awareness, understanding and participation in design.”

The Buckminster Fuller Institute see more open website in same window

“The Buckminster Fuller Institute is dedicated to accelerating the development and deployment of solutions which radically advance human well being and the health of our planet’s ecosystems.”

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Washington Architectural Foundation see more open website in same window

“The Washington Architectural Foundation’s mission is architects serving the community. Whether it’s teaching children through Architecture in the Schools, giving free design services to nonprofits through Community Design Services, or helping to end hunger through the CANstruction program, the Foundation leverages its modest budget to help a region-wide community.”

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