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Design Hub see more open website in same window

“Design Hub is a new kind of creative environment. It is a community of design researchers for collaborative, inter-disciplinary interaction and education, housed in a purpose-built 10-storey building by Sean Godsell Architects.”

“Design Hub is open to everyone and made up of spaces dedicated to researching, archiving, exhibiting, discussing and critiquing design. It is also a place to do, learn and talk about design through our programs.”

“Design Hub will be open to the public Tuesday to Saturday, 12pm – 6pm. Admission will be free. Closed Mondays, Sundays and Public Holidays.”

Design Research Institute see more open website in same window

“The Design Research Institute [RMIT] fosters new knowledge and innovative practice, products and environments through transdisciplinary design research (TDR).

The Institute develops and funds a new transdisciplinary approach to design research in a terrain at the intersection of education, research and industry. It aims to:

  • Build a transdisciplinary design research capability and a community
  • Undertake transdisciplinary research and produce knowledge, products and services
  • Become internationally renowned for transdisciplinary research and expertise.”
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Institute for Bionomic Urbanism see more open website in same window

“The Institute for Bionomic Urbanism sets forth new, integrated, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development ideas for creating a better future for our cities and their dwellers. The IBU works towards the goal of a sustainable, bionomic urbanism by both developing theory and by practical, project based application.”

OUTR see more open website in same window

OUTR is a network of professionals from RMIT University in Melbourne that utilize research as a focus for design practice.

OUTR understands design practice as an agent of cultural change within an increasingly complex cosmopolitan world.

Our research endeavors to assist in the emergence of design opportunities specialising on the topics of expanded field, urban environments and advanced technologies. The expanded field deals with issues of ethics and sustainability, regimes of care, art and public space, social needs and the ephemeral. Urban environments focus our concerns of precedent, type and the pragmatics of infrastructure and urban scale, including civic consciousness and hence civic narratives. Advanced technologies deals with the pursuit of rule generated processes in design that allow for the utilization of new digital and biological technologies. Our network of designers reveal a diverse background of Landscape Architects, Architects, Urban Planning, exhibition design, spatial analysis, brief formation, programming, project management and academic development, however as a research laboratory our common language is Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Urbanism.”

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Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development see more open website in same window

“The Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development (OISD), which is based within the School of the Built Environment at Oxford Brookes University, was established in July 2004. OISD, which has six main research groups, is the largest academic research institute in the UK dedicated to research on sustainable development in the built environment.”

Self made city / Self Made Urbanity see more open website in same window

SELF MADE URBANITY is a multidisciplinary, collaborative and participatory research project initiated by urbanXchange.
The project observes the city of Rome as a cross point where urban phenomena of the Northern and Southern hemisphere are very near together.”

SELF MADE CITY has changed name and address, to Self Made Urbanity- research.”

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