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    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2008 edited
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    I might be wrong, but as I was being driven along the Ballarat Road the other day, I noticed that a large old factory had had its facade removed and neatly stacked. This is about where the heritage-listed 1958 Frederic Romberg ETA factory stands. Is the ETA factory being demolished??

    From the Register's Statement of significance:

    The ETA factory is of historical significance as a manifestation of the great surge in construction of manufacturing establishments in the 1950s, mostly in the then outer suburbs, which were part of the economic boom of the post war period. The optimism of the period, and the central position of manufacturing, is reflected in the use of a prominent architect to produce a striking modernist design for the factory headquarters of an Australian company.

    Heritage Register online (search "Romberg"):

    Link to sad image at Heritage Victoria:$file/1_eta_factory.jpg

    Link to a happier photo by Wolfgang Sievers at the SLV:

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    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2008
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    From the reports of others, the building has now been well and truly trashed.

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    Well its now a skeleton, but no application for demolition to HV has been made. Facade (remnants?) now stored somewhere. Graffitti websites feature the 'inside' prominently. Needs very sympathetic dynamic new owner / tenant willing to organise grants, land tax exemptions etc. to make into offices, light industrial, storage even bulky goods (though spans not what is expected these days). Or a hive of artistic / designer groovery for the western burbs.
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