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National Gallery palava
28.06.01 Following heavy media coverage and the RAIA's intervention, architects Tonkin, Zulaika Greer have agreed to have another look at the National Gallery design. Their original proposal is now published on the web. ABC video (26.06.02; realvideo format)

New moral rights laws in Australia may be put to the test as supporters of Colin Madigan, The National Gallery of Australia's original architect, take the gallery to court over its proposed extensions. The law requires "good faith consultation" with original artists when changes are made. Brian Kennedy, head of the Canberra gallery, argues that "consultation" requires him only to "inform and advise" Madigan of the proposal, not seek his approval.

The proposal, meanwhile, has "evolved" on from its original budget to now be over $40M, about twice as much as originally stated. Kennedy's job is now under threat because of this and other alledged gaffs at the under-attended gallery. SMH 07.06.01

Follow this link an earlier ZEBRA article for background information and links for the National Gallery.

Gallery revamp is now out in the open
Re: Canberra, NGA, RAIA intervenes, Tonkin design on hold.
(SMH 20.06.01)

The art world's great custody case
Re: Canberra, NGA renovations, Moral Rights law, criticism by Elizabeth Farrelly.
(SMH 04.07.01)

Gallery's glass design in shards
Re: Canberra, National Gallery of Australia, Tonkin's design is out.
(SMH 30.08.01)

HIH insurance collapse - alert - all australian architects should check this RAIA Cautionary Note as it will probably affect you.

The great HIH insurance run for cover
28.06.01 You may have thought it bad enough that your project stalled in March as its builder ran for cover - but it could be even worse. The RAIA has issued two free Cautionary Notes advising all architects to check back through the last seven years as built projects have also lost their builder's insurance. To the archives! One download is here (PDF). The rest can be found on the RAIA homepage.
(SMH 27.06.01)

Landscape architecture talks in Sydney 07.07.01 Several interesting looking talks will be held until November at the precious City Exhibition Space up until November. The first is by Chris Johnson, NSW government architect, on 18 July and is about the inscription of power in the layout of New Delhi. $15/$7. CES

NSW gets into architects 28.06.01 In amazing news, NSW Premier Bob Carr has tabled plans to make all apartment buildings over two storeys high architect-designed. Will this make for a rash of two storey apartments - or will developers get in on the act? Read a discussion about it at the ABC.

More awards... nouvel wins the first Borromini award 22.06.01 Check the website for photos of the Lucerne Congress Centre with which he won. ARM also have an item in the recommendations section.

2001 Victorian awards
16.06.01 At last night's architecture awards, held under the renovated dome of the Exhibition Building; Lyons, Brearley Urban Design, Wood Marsh and Denton Corker Marshall were the dominant prize collectors. Lyons with their wild suburban educational work, Brearley for a shed in the Mallee, Wood Marsh for the Mansion Hotel at Werribee (with Rice Skinner), and DCM for the Melbourne Museum (which gained the Victorian Architecture Medal). NMBW won the Melbourne Award for their clever EQ restaurant extension to the Melbourne Concert Hall.

Kiwi awards announced 09.06.01 The New Zealand Institute of Architects has had its say.

Roger Dodd, Peter Beavan, David Mitchell and Julie Stout have all scored awards with recent projects.

The 25 years award went to the Brian Brake house by Mark-Brown Fairhead Sang Carnachan, exquisite cedar boxes perched on a lush Titirangi hill.

The Gold Medal went (a bit late) to The Group Architects. With an output of just a few cheap timber houses they shifted New Zealand architecture into the modern.

Auckland regional awards went to Andrew Patterson and Pip Chesire for residential works in the inner area. Jasmax won an award for the careful inner refurbishment of the Civic Theatre.
NZH 08.06.01
NZH 26.05.01
NZIA Awards site

mike davis in auckland 31.05.01 L.A. urbanographer and doomsayer Mike Davis spoke in Auckland recently as part of the Writers Festival. He also dicussed his life and career with the New Zealand Herald.

Working without an office 20.05.01 According to The Age, a shift is occurring out there in the burbs. About 6% (and growing) of Australia's workforce now 'telecommutes'. Remote access of company intranets has been happening for years, it's now reached a point where it's seen as a viable alternative to being present in an expensive office block. Perhaps companies have become more comfortable with the idea of computer-based surveillance of worker behaviour and timekeeping.

The new breed of homeworker is winning and losing from this new world. They don't commute, they have more family contact, but their home is now their work, in a way different to the self-employed home office. These people are still working for someone who has effectively set up a branch office in the living room. They still own the worker's time, which can be easily monitored using any server technology. But now they don't have to pay for the biscuits.

Working in isolation for a standard eight hour day with lunch and toilet breaks isn't really that glamorous.

murcutt masterclass 18.05.01 Have a spare $4,700 to burn. Drop into the Glenn Murcutt Masterclasses at Riversdale Centre in New South Wales. The great one will pop his head in the door occasionally, but it looks like most of the tutoring work will be by Peter Stutchbury, Richard Leplastrier, and Lindsay Johnston.

RAIA + ACA respond to productivity commision 16.05.01 Last month, the Institute published a draft response seeking to address the Productivity Commission's recent advice that the Architects Act be scrapped. Central to the response are the reduction of barriers to competition and the separation of registration and discipline activities. A national register of architects is proposed to replace the current state-based system. Professional development (an institute cash cow?) and professional indemnity would become prerequisites of re-registration.
more relevant links

data collection 13.05.01 Professor Haarhoff of the University of Auckland has recently completed a survey for the Architects Education and Registration Board, gathering statistics relating to architecture graduates over the last 13 years in New Zealand. His findings included the following:
*In 1997-9, 39% of graduates were women ( up from 22% in 1987-9).
% of registered architects are women.
*Only 36% of graduates from 1987-1997 have registered.
*Of graduates that did register, most did so in the 4th year out.
*There are 1779 architects registered with the AERB.
*86.2% of AERB registered architects live in NZ, 7.7% live in Australia, 2.2% are in Asia, and 1.9% are in the UK or Ireland.
Architext 04/01

MCG reconstruction 13.05.01 Melbourne's huge 100,000 seater stadium is to be substantially reconstructed over the next few years, in readiness for the 2006 Commonwealth Games. The Ponsford and Olympic stands are to be rebuilt at a cost of AU$400M. Part of the reason is to enlarge the pitch to allow an 8 lane running track, presumeably to avoid a "The Games"* style disaster in which the 100m track was found to be missing six metres. Two consortiums will work on the job, one including Daryl Jackson architects, the other including an association of HOK Sport and Hassel.
* ABC TV comedy about the construction of the Olympic Games.

sandridge bridge bids on exhibition 14.07.01 So what's it to be? A giant Ferris Wheel, the ponte vecchio, a cocoon, a suspension structure, or a train containing the world's longest bar? Submissions for use of the Sandridge Bridge over the Yarra are on display at Flinder Street Station until July 25.


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follies on the yarra 05.05.01 The MAB NewQuay development, on the Noth side of the Yarra at Docklands, will incorporate commercial kiosks designed by RMIT final year architecture students. The designs are yet to be unveiled.

In other docklands news, Lendlease has won the $1.8B Victoria Harbour redevelopment rights. View a fly-over animation at the site.

new fiction: architectural infatuations 05.05.01 Successful young Melbourne architect gets a chance to meet his german idol, and things get messy. Read about it at the SMH.

archi-cartoons on show in Sydney 05.05.01 Academic and SMH cartoonist of the 50s through to the 80s, George Mohlar, has been honoured with a retrospective at Sydney's new City Exhibition Space. His stint chronicled the rocky introduction of Modernism into Australia, and the difficult integration of a new major infrastructure into Sydney.

some more toast? the MCA
05.05.01 And we have a winner. The competition for Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art has been won by Sauerbruch and Hutton, an English / German partnership. They entered two schemes, one maintains the existing building and one trashes it in favour of something completely new and white. See it for yourself at this unenthusiastic SMH article. Or this more positive article. Here's a really negative one. And another. Here is the architect's statement. And the art deco society's protest site. And lastly, the ABC TV news item (real video).

The MCA in Sydney finds out this weekend what their new home will be. It's been a controversial saga, the winner of the last competition, Kazuro Seijima, lost the job. The new competition has a more open brief allowing demolition and commercial usage of the heritage-listed public building. Rafael Moneo and Nonda Katsilidis are among the five selected architects.

C'mon, critics, give the MCA debate some space to breathe
Re: Museum of Contemporary Art redevelopment, article by Mayor Frank Sartor. (SMH 05.06.01)

David Marr's feature article at the SMH.
SMH special feature page
ZEBRA Archive: Seijima and the MCA

MCA survival remains a matter of dollars and sense
Re: Sydney, MCA competition, architecture competitions, opinion by Elizabeth Farrelly.
(SMH 05.07.01)

Birrarung Marr 05.05.01 Melbourne's first big new park in more than a century is to the named Birrarung Marr, a combination of two words from two aboriginal languages (Wandin-Wurundjeri and Bunerong) meaning river-side. The park will link Federation Square to the Tennis Centre on land on land that was until recently used for parking trains. The plan includes a pedestrian connection to Exhibition Street and the relaunch of speaker's corner, on the original heritage-listed mounds.
the age 21.04.01

dcm to work at stonehenge 05.05.01 Melbourne-based architects Denton Corker Marshall have scored quite a coup having been chosen to design the visitors centre and accompanying transport link for England's ancient Stonehenge memorial. DCM have had a London office for the last 10 years and a busy office in Warsaw. Stonehenge has looked a bit of a disgrace in recent times, fenced with hurricane wire and sandwiched onto a traffic island of a site. The roads will be closed or buried and the new visitors centre will be a few kilometres away - out of view.

In other news at DCM, they are to build a new office block on the last free site in Sydney's CBD. Meanwhile their Sydney office has apparently split away from the mothership.
the age 21.04.01

troubled site to get wardle makeover 21.04.01
The Queen Victoria Hospital site on Melbourne's downtown Swanston Street has been a skateboard park and miniput course for years. This will soon be laid waste for a 30 storey apartment building, 'qv', to be erected by Grocon, the Grollo families building arm. John Wardle Architects, who recently distinguished themselves by winning the hanover design competition, have designed the building and surrounds, including new laneways. The total project value is estimated to be around $600M.
the herald sun 20.04.01
john wardle

tall tower toppled 17.04.01
The six year old proposal for the world's tallest tower, to be built by the Grollo family in Melbourne, has finally fizzled.

At first the proposal was for a golden triangular building in the railyards wasteland. A few tense months later, and after a public vote, the project had transferred to Batman's Hill at the eastern end of town. This version, nicknamed 'Hard On Collins' by some witty insiders, was a DCM-designed silver prong towering over 600 metres high. The building was originally to contain a hotel, apartments and office space and featured skygardens, a load-bearing exoskeleton and one very deep helixical carpark.

Over the years the tower shrank and lost functions. People who had paid $5,000 each as registrations of interest in the apartments, were enticed off to another Grollo development, the Eureka Tower. Planning knockbacks, trouble sourcing finance, and the downturn of the Docklands Precinct have led the Docklands Authority to call it a day for the tower. Developer Daniel Grollo is optimistic that he might secure a smaller parcel of land at the 11.5 hectare site.

related links:

eureka tower

noise in canberra 08.04.01 The Australian capital has been attracting a fair heap of attention in recent weeks.

Ashton Raggatt McDougall are in rapidly heating water over their plagiarism/sampling of Daniel Libeskind Jewish Museum. Libeskind: "At first, I thought it was a joke. Not a proportion, not an angle of the Jewish Museum has been changed."

The proposed glazed entrance to the National Gallery of Australia by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer has offended the Gallery's original architect, Colin Madigan. In an outburst on TV last week, Mr Madigan lay most of the blame at the feet of those officials who deleted an adjacent square thus rendering the original main entrance redundant.

The Griffin-Mahoney city design is under the spotlight again on ABC TV this week (April 12), The american public broadcaster PBS has a fine site accompanying its own program.

Other related links:
National Gallery architect brief.
Tonkin Zulaihka Greer NGA page
abc NGA articles 05.04.01 06.04.01
abc REALvideo interview with Colin Madigan
Ashton Raggatt McDougall
Daniel Libeskind.

Sydney ponders its built environment 08.04.01
At a packed lecture at Sydney's town hall last Wednesday night, famous Sydneysiders including Mayor Frank Sartor and Paul Keating bemoaned the low quality of built form in that city. Keating blamed the local obsession with the city's physicality - if the view was stunning why worry about the building you see it from.

Keating has recently been appointed to the NSW architectural registration board, and was not optimistic about the future... "Sydneysiders do not buy architecture, they buy commodity"..."The role of architects in defining the scope of the city is being usurped by townplanners". He then encouraged architects to assert themselves in the drafting of the states new planning code, PlanFirst.

blaugrau 13.04.01
At this new gallery in inner Sydney an exhibition has just begun of artists engaging with architecture in one way or another. It finishes on April 22. Interesting noisy website.

legionnaires targets melbourne 18.03.01 By far the bulk of this year's australian contaminations have occured in Melbourne, the latest having just caused the deaths of two inner city (Williams Street) workers and hospitalised three. Local traders are fearing a customer retreat as all CBD areas become suspect. Cooling towers have been found to emit infected sprays for up to two kilometres.

Legionnaires is not becoming more prevalent, just more often identified. Historic cases were generally thought to be pneumonia.

The Age buildings in Spencer Street and the new Melbourne Museum in Carlton have both had legionnaires problems this year.

Article: The Age (19.03.01)
Legionnaires scare at Museum (The Age 02/01)
resource page

New Zealand may get built environment policy
24.03.01 The NZ Institute of Architects is to make a case to the government for the need of a built environment policy. Following leads from Ireland and the Netherlands, they are seeking a framework that will provide direction for future urban development and 'leverage' for high quality design. Link to the NZIA (PDF document available).

The National Museum 05.03.01
Ashton Raggatt McDougall's new museum in Canberra is on the verge of opening. It is also stimulating journos the world over to take passionate stances on the building. Deyan Sudjic in the Guardian has been on a walkabout and discussed the building with Howard Raggatt. He describes the controversial samplings and Daniel Libeskind's outrage at the "quotation" from his Jewish Museum. Sudjic gives the building a tentative thumbs up. Although he can't understand half of what the architects are on about in this densely layered design, he says, "It is an architecture of intelligence and anger, of imagination and obsession, with an ambition not just to redefine Australia's sense of itself, but architecture too."

In contrast, Tim Bonyhardy in the Sydney Morning Herald lets loose against this "mediocre architecture", borrowing his justification from Robin Boyd's 1960s attack against featurism and the australian ugliness.

Read the full articles here:
Guardian 05.03.01
SMH 03.03.01
or try the museum's website at or the csiro's article for detailed building information.

More recent articles:
The Age 10.03.01
NZ Herald 17.03.01

The Age 08.04.01
abc REALvideo interview with Howard Raggatt

r.i.p. denys lasdun 02.02.01 British modernist Denys Lasdun died last month at the age of 86. He was famous for his off-form concrete buildings at East Anglia University and on London's southbank. Read the full obituary at the independent.

The fate of a cliffhanging Seidler house in Mosman is looking up. The building has been gazetted with an interim heritage order by the Heritage Council. earlier article at the SMH

24.02.01 Rumour has it that the approval of the Sam Newman facade in St Kilda is being reconsidered at VCAT.
Archive: Sam Newman to keep facade;
the original approval.

software erosion 18.02.01 Architecture is under threat... again. The flowcharts are back, this time computerised. Software now has the ability to carry out many of an architect's torturous planning activities at a cracking pace. For complex or repetitive projects aimed at efficiencies and economies, several websites and software suites exist to sieve out the best alternative. And it's happening now. Read the full story at ArchRecord (02/01)

report from Berlin 25.01.01 Running until March 25 at Sydney's Custom House is an exhibition of the proposed transformations of Potsdamer Platz. It features the winning scheme by Renzo Piano and Chrisoph Kohlbecker, but includes many other visions from the 1991 competition. smh

did you know...
25.01.01 The western world's largest stupa is currently under construction in Bendigo, Victoria. A description and architect Peter Weiss' plans are available to view at

sean godsell awarded 21.01.01 Victorian architect Sean Godsell was last month highly commended in the AR+D annual competition for the Carter Tucker house on the coast. The house uses full height timber screen cladding to blur the distinction between cladding, verandah and internal spaces. The jury commented: "[The] potential for change, both externally and inside particularly attracted the jury, so did the qualities of light generated by the abstracted veranda."
ar+d godsell profile

sean godsell links

renzo-designed cruise ship in town
21.01.01 Renzo Piano's dolphin-inspired P&O Regal Princess is cruising the Pacific and is due to dock in Sydney on February 11 and March 11. The ship, built in Italy in 1988, will be in Auckland on February 6 and Melbourne on February 13 and March 9. It will also visit Darwin, Hobart and Cairns. For more dates and ports, and a picture, consult this site.

the public housing crisis
14.01.01 The gentrification of inner Melbourne has created a housing crisis as boarding houses are emptied onto the streets and beaches. In 1987 the CBD had 2500 rooming house beds, now it is down to 200. Welfare services are only able to accommodate a third of those requesting shelter. The state government has just allocated $95 million to the problem, the first movement on their part in over a decade. The way forth is apparently to be combined private and public housing. more at the age related article at the age (24.02.01)

sleeper house complete 07.01.01 Charles Deaton's curvy Colorado house, the inspiration for sets in Woody Allen's "Sleeper" is finally complete. Construction began in 1963. Full article at the New York Times. Free registration required (and worth it). 04.01.01

the public housing crisis 14.01.01 The gentrification of inner Melbourne has created a housing crisis as boarding houses are emptied onto the streets and beaches. In 1987 the CBD had 2500 rooming house beds, now it is down to 200. Welfare services are only able to accommodate a third of those requesting shelter. The state government has just allocated $95 million to the problem, the first movement on their part in over a decade. The way forth is apparently to be combined private and public housing. more at the age related article at the age (24.02.01)

raia 2000 awards
Visit the institute's award site to view the winners. Hint: use the second search engine and select the year 2000 only.


june 2001

On the waterfront, film two hail studio
Re: Melbourne, Docklands, new film studio and new office tower.
(The Age 29.06.01)

A Hotel Alliance Splits Up, but Schrager Presses Ahead
Re: New York. Koolhaas and Herzog get dumped in favour of Gehry at Ian Schrager's Astor Hotel project..
(NY Times 28.06.01)
requires registration

For mansions, nothing succeeds like excess
Re: The limits of ostentatiousness and kerb appeal in England, John B. Scholz architect.
(SMH 26.06.01)

Holyrood: how vaulting ambition turned into a Scottish tragedy
Re: Scottish Parliament, Enric Miralles, big problems on site.
(Independent 23.06.01)

Demolition row: Assembly powerless
Re: Domed Dunlop factory in Wales, an inspiration for the Sydney Opera House, the debate continues.
(BBC 21.06.01)

Gallery revamp is now out in the open
Re: Canberra, NGA, RAIA intervenes, Tonkin design on hold.
(SMH 20.06.01)

Preserving Heide
Re: Melbourne, new development at the Heide Museum of Modern Art.
(SMH 11.06.01)

New heart for Olympic precinct
Re: Sydney - masterplan to revitalise Homebush with residential development.
(SMH 19.06.01)

The tide turns for the bridge
Re: London, Norman Foster, Millennium bridge wobbles, Arups to pay.
(Independent 17.06.01)

The ugly truth
Re: Elizabeth Farrelly, art, architecture, and the beauty thing.
(SMH 16.06.01)

Museum collects design award
Re: Victorian Architecture Awards, Denton Corker Marshall, Melbourne Museum.
(The Age 16.06.01)

Rescode critics fear a sterile suburbia
Re: Victoria, ResCode, criticism by Michael Markham and Sean Godsell.
(The Age 16.06.01)

Unique factory faces demolition threat
Re: Domed Dunlop factory in Wales, an inspiration to Utzon.
(BBC 15.06.01)

Dialogue: Better design, layout vital for high-density housing
Re: Auckland, low quality inner city housing developments, sprawl.
(NZH 13.06.01)

C'mon, critics, give the MCA debate some space to breathe
Re: Museum of Contemporary Art redevelopment, article by Mayor Frank Sartor.
(SMH 05.06.01)

Miyadaiku' carpenter laments loss of traditional knowledge
Re: Japan, loss of traditional building skills, profile of one builder declared a national asset.
(Japan Times 03.06.01)

Federation Square bill rises $31m
Re: Melbourne, Federation Square, L.A.B..
(The Age 02.06.01)

Down but not out
Re: Sydney, Olympics site, architects appoineted to revive Homebush.
(SMH 02.06.01)


A sea change in sea ranch
Re: California, sea ranch, Charles Moore, 30 years later.
(NY Times 31.05.01)
requires registration

Architects Rush to the Ramparts in a Battle Over Creative Credit
Re: New York, Eli Attia,H.O.K., lack of copyright protection for U.S. architects.
(NY Times 31.05.01)
requires registration

Westfield's buildings are historic, say trust submissions
Re: Auckland,Westfield development of Newmarket electric power board building, Historic Places Trust rebuttal of Prof. Clinton Bird's statements.
(NZH 30.05.01)

Republican vision at last sees the light of day
Re: Sydney, Lucien Henry, French convict of the 1870's, australian decorative arts, unrealised architecture, Powerhouse exhibition.
(SMH 30.05.01)

Britomart architects let a little light into the City's living room
Re: Auckland, Britomart Development description, Mario Madayag, Jasmax.
(NZH 29.05.01)

Japan's traditions aren't lost, they're buried
Re: book review of Alex Kerr's 'Dogs and Demons', japan's investment in unnecessary public architecture, manga + massive.
(Japan Times 27.05.01)

A London Museum Itself Is Now a Treasure on Display
Re: London, Norman Foster, Bristish Museum.
(NY Times 27.05.01)
requires registration

The Cool War: Ian Schrager vs. His Imitators
Re: New York,Ian Schrager (Studio 54), New York Hotels, Philippe Starck.
(NY Times 27.05.01)
requires registration

Neighbourhood Watch
Re: Victoria, ResCode, release of, opinions of Dimity Reed and Norman Day.
(The Age 27.05.01)

Architects at Work: Creating a Cloud Culture
Re: Diller and Scofidio in Switzerland practising cloud-making for the 2002 Expo.
(IHT 26.05.01)

Makeover gives Pisa's tower a tilt to the north
Re: Pisa tower, reopening, engineering description.
(NZH 26.05.01)

Paying tribute to flair for design
Re: New Zealand Institute of Architects awards, Peter Beaven, Robert Dodds.
(NZH 26.05.01)

Home is where the art is at Docklands
Re: Melbourne, appropriation of artists' names at MAB Docklands.
(The Age 26.05.01)

Clubs reconciled over plan for tower
Re: Melbourne, Little Collins Street, Naval and Military Club, demolition.
(The Age 26.05.01)

Code a victory for neighborhood power

Re: Melbourne, new planning code release, Rescode.
(The Age 25.05.01)

New street? No, it's our shopping bridge
Re: Melbourne, Docklands, Collins Street extension.
(The Age 25.08.01)

Professor, trust clash on history
Re: Auckland,Westfield development of Newmarket electric power board building, Historic Places Trust, Prof. Clinton Bird.
(NZH 23.05.01)

Saviour sought for an old loo with no view
Re: Sydney, Taylor Square, underground public toilets.
(SMH 23.05.01)

Never know your luck in a big city
Re: Sydney's last ripe site, KENS, DCM Sydney.
(SMH 22.05.01)

An empty display case
Re: Melbourne Museum criticism, John Denton.
(The Age 22.05.01)

The city demands a vision splendid
Re: Melbourne, heritage, gun-shy councils, Ian McDougall.
(The Age 20.05.01)

High-density housing - well planned or crammed?
Re: Auckland, inner fringe development, mews model, problem with the car.
(NZH 19.05.01)

Mean and green
Re: Arizona, eco terrorism, arson.
(SMH 19.05.01)

A museum for the age of reality TV

Re: Melbourne Museum 6 months on, John Denton.
(The Age 19.05.01)

Local anger over piazza 'nonsense'
Re: Terrigal NSW, piazza-centred development.
(SMH 19.05.01)

Frank Gehry's Vision of Renovating Democracy
Re: Frank Gehry exhibition at the Guggenheim in New York.
(NY Times 18.05.01)
registration required

Dialogue: Britomart decisions most vital since harbour bridge
Re: The importance of the Britomart development, Auckland's future, other pacific rim cities.
(NZH 16.05.01)

If you build it right, they will come ... and come again
Re: MCA Sydney competition winner, the sydney way of life, precedents.
(SMH 15.05.01)

Krukziener starts selling up
Re: Auckland property, Andrew Krukziener developer, Metropolis building, junk bonds.
(Sunday Star Times 13.05.01)

Mourning the slow strangling of a landmark
Re: Greville Street, Melbourne, rising rents and gentrification.
(The Age 13.05.01)

No-frills house draws high-profile architect
Re: Gordon Moller, state housing, Auckland.
(NZH 05.05.01)

Behold! A crystal palace never to be built
Re: MCA Sydney, demolition of, competition winner, Sauerbruch and Hutton
(SMH 05.05.01)


Urban design panel promises benefits for city
Re: Auckland, urban design, Clinton Bird.
(NZH 25.04.01)

Art: The mark of Fisher
Re: Auckland, Fisher Gallery extension, JASMAX, Ivan Mercep.
(NZH 16.04.01)

Plan for pub is a battle of the ages
Re: Federation Square pub, LAB.
(The Age 07.04.01)


Graffiti blasts Beijing demolition
Re: Beijing, erasing city memory.
(Japan Times 31.03.01)

Cultural Slights - the forces threatening our past
Re: World heritage monuments
(SMH 31.03.01)

Melbourne drifts towards the Calcutta option
Re: Melbourne suburbia, Miles Lewis.
(Age 30.03.01)

The Avant guardians
Re: Preservation and modernism, Harry Seidler.
(SMH 24.03.01)

Baby Britomart puts on weight
Re: Auckland's Britomart cost overrun, comment.
(NZ Herald 20.03.01)

Designers, cosmonauts in Fiji to farewell Mir
Re: Wilful junking of a space station.
(The Age 20.03.01)

Disease alert on city site
Re: Legionnaires disease, cooling towers, Williams Street.
(The Age 19.03.01)

Peter Eisenman: Transitioning From Theorist to Practicing Builder
Re: Peter Eisenman, profile, Wexner Centre description of design process.
(NY Times 18.03.01)
Requires registration.

Please don't call it a building
Re: Toyo Ito exhibition in London, Sendai Mediateque.
(Gaurdian UK 18.03.01)

Australia's controversial new national museum
Re: National Museum, Te Papa, criticism.
(NZ Herald 17.03.01)

Party at the Chemosphere: The Flying Saucer House Soars Again
Re: Los Angeles, John Lautner architect, Taschen renovation, slideshow.
(NY Times 15.03.01)
Requires registration.

$88 million Britomart budget blowout
Re: Auckland waterfront Britomart development.
(NZ Herald 14.03.01)

Ohio Paper Architecture Exhibit Shows the Impact of the Unbuilt
Re: Wexner Centre Exhibition, Peter Eisenman.
(NY Times 11.03.01)
Requires registration.

Museum offers tangled vision of Australia
Re: National Museum, exhibits.
(The Age 10.03.01)

Australia looks back in allegory at its inglorious past
Re: National Museum, ARM, LIbeskind, Deyan Sudjic.
(Guardian UK 05.03.01)

Lost in the loop
Re: National Museum, ARM
(SMH 03.03.01)


Mighty arch marks mateship
Re: Anzac memorial arch, Canberra..
(NZ Herald 27.02.01)

$75M boost for old Auckland Railway Site
Re: New development adjacent to Auckland Railway Station
(NZ Herald 28.02.01)

Quay protesters warn of drive to toast MCA demolition plan
Re: MCA competition result deferred, Circular Quay. Demoilition controversy.
(SMH 26.02.01)

Federation Square - As you've never seen it
Re: The new design for that corner.
(The Age 26.02.01)

Honour at Last for an Architect Who Made California His Muse
Re: R.M. Schindler exhibition at MOCA, L.A.
(NY Times 26.02.01)
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Rem Koolhaas: Imaginative Leaps Into the Real World
Re: Rem Koolhaas, Whitney Musuem of American Art
(NY Times 25.02.01)
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Where Schindler slept
Re: R.M. Schindler house, interview with former occupant.
(LA Times 18.02.01)
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A tunnel of error
Re: The CityLink Burnley Tunnel closure.
(The Age 24.02.01)

all aboard - spencer street going upmaket
The rapid gentrification of a tired street suddenly at the centre of things.
(The Age 24.02.01)

nauru to develop pub site

Rothe Loman to build 47 storey tower in Spencer Street.
(The Age 22.02.01)

van Berkel and Bos win museum project

Re: Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art.
(Arch Record 15.02.01)

Legionnaires scare at Museum

Re: Melbourne Museum.
(The Age 11.02.01)

Federation Square - The unfinished Masterpiece
Re: LAB.
(The Age 10.02.01)




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