butter paper australasia : greaseproof architecture links 2000 - 2018

The faces of Melbourne architecture. Wonder what the buildings look like.

Ah found the buildings – here they are as a PDF .

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Posted by Peter on 28.06.11 in 



The invitation send to dress in style?

by dug on 28 June 11 ·#

No jury for Bates Smart Award? So how is that an award?

by info on 28 June 11 ·#

I had a great night.

by GodknowsJackshite on 28 June 11 ·#

@dug It really said “dress in style”? I always wondered why architects don’t try a bit harder to dress. Maybe most have come straight from the office, putting on their one all-purpose suit… like I used to when I went… I guess black is better for spillages too.

by peter on 29 June 11 ·#

it said that.
Regarding spillages, view AIA Venice photos – SGA needs a black bib.
Not handing out named Heritage award was ballsy, other jury captains needed to take the socks out of their jocks?

by dug on 30 June 11 ·#

@ dug, re Jury captains – Was MCR school entered this year?

by info on 30 June 11 ·#


by dug on 30 June 11 ·#

style, those black shirts aint got none.
you wanted to see some of the fares after the show.
should’ve done before and after shots.
then they could’ve themed the night “the exegesis of the erudite man”
no pictures, buildings must be no good.

by cabbie on 30 June 11 ·#

@ dug.
Rerun of 2003. FS v Godless. Same hands at play.

by info on 30 June 11 ·#

at one remove.

by info on 30 June 11 ·#

@cabbie. no pictures because gollum is in china.

by greenhaus on 30 June 11 ·#

Triple Hahsters call was off the mark on MCR.

by GodknowsJackshite on 30 June 11 ·#

RMIT is the best school in Australia.

by leehon on 1 July 11 ·#

Sean Godsell will win all the awards next year.

by leehon on 1 July 11 ·#

^^what makes you think that ?
then again you probably are.

by dos on 2 July 11 ·#

On the surface there seems to have been some strained omissions.
1. Penleigh.
2. Simeoni.
To mention two.

by hack on 3 July 11 ·#

3. The Brain ?

by GodknowsJackshite on 4 July 11 ·#


by dug on 4 July 11 ·#

pitty the 2 fat archibores were wrong about mcr – no doubt it will gaet a run next year along with nmbws kerr st block.
the beached turd over simeoni stinks too.

by sod on 4 July 11 ·#

Habitart 21 is a mystery too – commendation if you were drunk and generous. The only positive is – answers former AA editor’s rhetorical question “what is beyond bespoke housing”. Nothing.

by dug on 4 July 11 ·#

^But can it win a HIA / MBA award

by hack on 5 July 11 ·#

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