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Most of the authorities involved in the Swanston Street wall collapse site moved quickly to defensive positions. None have come forward with solid initiatives that might make a permanent difference to public safety. The responses of the council and planning department were disappointing, pointing fingers at one another and then clamming up.


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The Coroner’s findings into the Swanston Street wall collapse suggested that a revised clause in the Building Act “adequately address” prevention matters. So I checked it out.


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Many of the informative articles people used to publish on their websites have been deleted in the past ten years, presumably as people try to rein in any damage to reputation that having an opinion might entail. This is a pain for historians. Unheralded architectural pamphlets, rants and manifestos from the past few centuries are preserved in archives and shoeboxes, awaiting discovery. It’s a much harder task examining the digital decades as it’s mostly wiped.


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In an article in September, “The Man Who Made Wildly Imaginative, Gloriously Disobedient Buildings”, in the New York Times Style magazine, the author wonders why Bruce Goff is no longer appreciated. I’d thought that he was, but apparently his buildings are falling like flies.

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A few people have asked recently what ever came of the investigations into the wall collapse. For those not familiar, a long section of brick wall fell to the footpath at the C.U.B. site in Swanston Street one windy day late in March 2013.


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architects: Design Office

Established in 2008 by Mark Simpson and Damien Mulvihill, our Melbourne based studio creates buildings and spaces for the hospitality, retail, residential, commercial and institutional sectors.

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architects: Studio Edwards

Established in 2016 to bring together architecture, interiors & conceptual design. Our projects are independent of scale, with creativity as its most valuable asset.

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weird and wonderful: Strange Buildings

Tom Bunny’s selection of the world’s more peculiar buildings. The website was turned into a spammy real estate site around 2014, so best access the original via the web archive.

Spoiler: The strangest building on the planet, via popular vote, is The Church of Hallgrimur (Reykjavik, Iceland).

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radio & podcasts: The Infinite City

Through The Infinite City, we tell stories of people and place, design and belonging, survival and celebration in Belfast & beyond.

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groups: ArchiTeam

ArchiTeam Cooperative is a membership association for Australian architects working in small, medium and emerging practices.

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