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weird-wonderful: Strange Buildings

Tom Bunny’s selection of the world’s more peculiar buildings. The website was turned into a spammy real estate site around 2014, so best access the original via the web archive.

Spoiler: The strangest building on the planet, via popular vote, is The Church of Hallgrimur (Reykjavik, Iceland).

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In an article in September, “The Man Who Made Wildly Imaginative, Gloriously Disobedient Buildings”, in the New York Times Style magazine, the author wonders why Bruce Goff is no longer appreciated. I’d thought that he was, but apparently his buildings are falling like flies.

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radio: The Infinite City

Through The Infinite City, we tell stories of people and place, design and belonging, survival and celebration in Belfast & beyond.

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groups: ArchiTeam

ArchiTeam Cooperative is a membership association for Australian architects working in small, medium and emerging practices.

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groups: New Architects Melbourne

NA M are interested in following and partaking in the journey of people as they embark upon one of the most exhilarating, terrifying, exhausting and rewarding endeavours an architect could ever make – their own practice… NA M’s gatherings feature brief and concise presentations by local practices, talking about their projects, featuring them at various stages from speculative to completion.

NA M is still not officially affiliated with any established organisations or institutions. It is reliant on the contributions of everyone that is passionate and generous with their time, energy with their presentations and hosting.

Most of NA M’s recent updates have been on their Facebook page.

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wall collapse : twitter Jonathan Lian via ABC
March 28, 2013 (Twitter: Jason Lian, via ABC)

A few people have asked recently what ever came of the investigations into the wall collapse. For those not familiar, a long section of brick wall fell to the footpath at the C.U.B. site in Swanston Street one windy day late in March 2013. Of the many people ambling along this busy Melbourne street, three young students were killed. Many investigations were launched by organisations including the Coroner’s Court, the police and Worksafe. I last reported on the Magistrate’s Court hearings in 2015, and had been wondering myself what has happened since.

I had been expecting the coronial inquiry to eventually kick off, which it was going to do at the close of the court cases. There were only a couple of direction hearings in December 2013, where the site owner’s lawyers were rumoured to be numerous and obstructive at every turn. The hearings paused when the case went to the Magistrate’s Court in 2014.

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architects: Durbach Block Jaggers

Fine work, but it took me a while to figure out the website (2017). Don’t scroll your mouse to scroll through images, just move the mouse.

You might also want to check out the new monograph, 3+2: Durbach Block Jaggers, published in 2017 by Uro.

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video-portals: Design Is Research

Guest lectures from 2015, and maybe beyond, at Bond University’s Abedian School of Architecture.

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education: Abedian School of Architecture

“The Abedian School of Architecture aims to be a leading design-driven professional school, characterised by an international outlook and motivated by the goal of graduating architects capable of shifting the direction of future practice.”

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Kegs against wall
Kegs lined up against the wall, c. 1980s (VHD)

An old brick wall collapsed in central Melbourne two years ago, killing three young students walking past on a busy footpath. I cobbled together a history of the wall and published it. Then time passed. Occasional news articles focused on fragments of the official investigations, but it was (and is) hard to get the big picture on what has happened since March 2013. In summary: not a lot.

[ Previous posts: FIRST – March 2013 SECOND – April 2013 THIRD – April 2013 ]

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