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butterpaper.com is run by Peter Johns, a Melbourne architect and web designer in a separate architecture and web practice running under the same name (since 2010). Opinions on this website do not represent opinions of this practice.

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Butterpaper.com is a website in perpetual development. It started in April 2000 (as Zebra ) and was an exercise in organising an unwieldy array of bookmarks, and mentioning small items of news discovered in the print press.

Butter Paper has grown to thousands of links and blog posts in many categories. It attempts to provide a library of some architectural sites in the australasian region.

Unlike many architecturally-inclined websites in this region, this one is managed by a practising architect. This enables the site to be continually interrogated from the random viewpoints of a practice.

The site has an ever-changing format as it is always being tweaked in some way. It serves as a bit of a lab for webby experiments. This site is always in development and should always be considered BETA. Please point out errors found on your travels.

Butter Paper welcomes any feedback, propositions, labour, articles, news, photos of interesting completed work, coffee. Anything really.

This website accepts limited advertising. Please contact Peter for current rates. Public service notices and event notices can be submitted free of charge, by email. Butterpaper.com cannot guarantee that these submissions will be published, or published in time for an event. Posts on this website are generally independent and unsponsored. If a post promotes a sponsor, this will be noted explicitly.

The public forum (now quiet) occasionally contains tersely worded references to various architects and firms. While I try to keep an eye on things and edit where I think it is required, some items may slip through the net. If you feel something is going a little too far, please email the site with the name of the post and the offending phrase. I’ll then have a look at it. The request will carry a lot more weight if it is from the person or entity mentioned.

Butterpaper is eternally grateful to the labours of the open source community responsible for much of the nuts and bolts of the site. These include the Textpattern content management system , Lussumo’s Vanilla forum , Simplepie RSS integration , MySQL databases , and the PHP server-side scripting language . Not to mention the many add-ons and plugins that have helped to customise the site. Thanks also to the crew at Ilisys web hosting for their patience and knowledge between 2002 and 2014.

Thanks for your visit.

Peter Johns
Architect, Web Designer, Melbourne
Phone: +61 (3) 9016 9331



by Peter 04.06.12