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17 Meredith Circuit see more open website in same window

Designed by organic architect Laurie Virr in 1975.

3 Bruthen Road see more

“Designed and built by respected Geelong architect Graeme Williams as his own family home, this quality executive house offers 350m2 (38 squares) of living space (approx). Open plan in design with large windows throughout, this house optimises its northerly aspect and cleverly uses plantings to filter the summer sun.”

Auction: Sat, 17th October 09 1.00pm
Fruit Property Geelong. 640K+

4 Thornhill Drive see more


Pretty special house and garden from the 50s or 60s, being sold by an architect (2008).

Owner’s text:

The house was designed in 1962 by Peter Robinson+Associates. Don’t know much about them, but we met the project architect, Peter Matters, on the day of the auction in late 2002. He was 80-something not out, still practising somewhere out near Bacchus Marsh, and had shown up out of curiosity to see who bought the place.
He designed the house for a local real-estate agent (!) and his wife, who raised their 3 children here. It’s a perfect family house and was obviously well-loved by its original owners. The mother had recently died, and I think the children were happy to see the house go to another family who would appreciate its unique qualities.

I think of the place like one of those Californian Case-Study houses with its casual-modernism-with-the-hard-edges- knocked-off-gone-all-lazy-and-comfortable-attitude. The place is pretty much as imagined by the architect back in the 1960’s.

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Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool see more open website in same window

Auckland Art Gallery see more open website in same window

Extensions by FJMT + Archimedia. There is a website tracking construction here

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Australian Academy of Science Dome see more open website in same window


Austrian Cultural Forum New York see more open website in same window

The Austrian Cultural Forum New York (ACFNY), an agency of the Republic of Austria, is located in an extraordinary architectural landmark building in Manhattan.

Building designed by Raimund Abraham .

bauhaus-archiv museum for design see more open website in same window

“The Bauhaus Archive / Museum of Design in Berlin is concerned with the research and presentation of the history and impact of the Bauhaus (1919-1933), the most important school of architecture, design, and art of the 20th century.

It is the most complete existing collection focused on the history of the school and all aspects of its work and is accessible to all. The collection is housed in a building drafted by Walter Gropius, the founder of the school.”

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Blues Point tower see more

Built 1961.

From an interview Harry Seidler gave to the Sydney Morning Herald in 2002 ( link ):

“This is old news, stupid bloody nonsense, I’m sick to death of it. It’s a journalistic gimmick. I’ve always thought Blues Point Tower is one of my best buildings and I stand by that. Anybody who can’t see anything in it ought to go back to school.”

Seidlers scrap books at the SLNSW
Blues Point Tower at Flickr

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Bonaventure Hotel see more

Pure ’70s L.A by John Portman.

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Boyd Baker House see more open website in same window

“In coming into the Boyd Baker House Sir Roy [Grounds] asked Michael Baker “what mistakes did Robin make?” Dr Baker simply replied “none” .”

The buildings are available to stay in and for functions.

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Bushbunker see more open website in same window

“Bushbunker is an architecturally designed bushfire safety bunker concept that has been envisioned in response to the horrific Black Saturday bushfires of February 2009. The design addresses the limitations of the Victorian Governments revised building standards for bushfire prone areas, as well as the critical shortcomings of current market solutions.”

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Capitol Theatre see more open website in same window

The main link below is to the RMIT webpage (RMIT own the building). More interesting and photo-filled is this page .

Casa Batlló see more open website in same window

Antoni Gaudi’s dragon.

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Casa Luis Barragán see more open website in same window

The Casa Luis Barragán is in Mexico City.

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Case Study House No. 22 see more open website in same window

Stahl house by Pierre Koenig. This 2009 article paints a picture of how it was to live in. Further photos can be found on Pierre’s still fairly intact website .

Charles de Gaullle Terminal 2E see more

Terminal 2E was designed by Paul Andreu with an elliptical skeleton, and inaugurated in 2003. This terminal partially collapsed in 2004, killing four people.

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Civic Theatre see more open website in same window

This atmospheric cinema seating 2750 opened in Auckland in 1929. It was designed by Charles Bohringer and William Leighton.

Historic building listing

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Conjunctive Points see more

A group of 1990s buildings and follies at Hayden Tract, Culver City, by Eric Owen Moss for Samitaur Constructs. Most are extensions to existing factories. See also the Stealth Building nearby.

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Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati see more open website in same window

You can download design drawings by Hadid from this web page.

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