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Design Philosophy Papers

This site has closed – the web link below is to the Internet Archive’s 2015 save.
Some content up until the journal’s closure in 2018 is available at the publisher’s website here.
The latest issue only is freely available online.

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Robin Boyd’s Austerica essay, as it first appeared in The Age in September 1957.

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Is architecture criticism still architecture criticism? an Urban Omnibus series of essays on the state of architectural criticism.

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Sustainability: advancement vs. apocalypse

Rem Koolhaas’ speech to the Ecological Urbanism Conference , Harvard University, 3 April, 2009.

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Future City

Essay by Frederic Jameson (2003).

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The sex appeal of gravity

The sex appeal of gravity – this 1999 archis article by Willem Jan Neutelings questions why architects need to make their buildings float. “The column is possibly the most pathetic of all supporting elements. It reveals the architect’s impotence.”

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Bad Subjects: Street Protest Architecture - Dissent Space in Australia

Gregory Cowan writes about protest structures. “Subverting the official and institutional state architecture, which is massive white and permanent, this architecture of counterculture is instead light, colourful and spontaneous.” BAD SUBJECTS JAN 2004

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Kant’s Aesthetics: Tattoos, Architecture, and Gender-Bending

Essay by Tom Leddy – an appraisal of Immanuel Kant’s free vs. adherent beauty thesis, with the Maori moko being the central example.

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Form Follows WHAT? History and critique of the form follows function formula

Jan Michl from Norway examines the history of that over-quoted phrase and then analyses it. “Not only did it fail to bring the promised end to formalism; on the contrary, it inaugurated, and legitimized, an era of a surrepetitiously formalist approach to architecture and design.”

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The Age of Simulation

Ken Sanes – the age of simulation – a trove of essays by this bright Bostonian on such topics as disney, automated environments, and virtual realities.

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George W. Hart

Meet George Hart, geometric genius, mathematician and sculptor, and see his fine works – I think I like the SNARL series the most so far, though “Gonads of the Rich and Famous” gets my gong for naming.

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The Geometry Junkyard

Piles and piles of geometry related links. Some serious and some not so.

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Fractal Architecture

The acceleration of computing speeds has made the rendering of complex fractal geometries a lot easier, as this site demonstrates.

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Fractals and Fractal Architecture

A 2003 essay by Wolfgang E. Lorenz at the Vienna University of Technology, with a section relating to built architecture.

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Passageways of Paris

By Christopher Rollason. Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project draft did not get an English translation until 1999. Rollason walks us through the arcades and places Benjamin’s work in the context of the day. He also traces the effects the text has had on current thought.[04/04]

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Scholarly journal at Project Muse (Johns Hopkins University). It used to be free… but now it isn’t. Oh well, I’ll stay dumb.

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In the Cause of Architecture

Here’s a trove of archived essays at Architectural Record, including spiels by Sullivan, Corb, Alexander, Gropius, and Mumford, among others – some very good reads.

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Martin Ryder

Martin Ryder’s large link list for those interested in the likes of Martin Heidigger, Theodor Adorno, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Jean Baudrillard, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Frederic Jameson and more…

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