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Martin Ryder

Martin Ryder’s large link list for those interested in the likes of Martin Heidigger, Theodor Adorno, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Jean Baudrillard, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Frederic Jameson and more…

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Cloud Cuckoo Land

Occasional german architectural journal with a new theme each year. Abstracts in English but the body of the essays is usually in german.

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Now edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker – essays, articles and multimedia. A large site where the indexing isn’t that great – best to just wander about through it all.

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Artist looking at where the machine meets the body.

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Architexturez: South Asia

Architexturez is a huge Indian site that, “relies on international, multi-lingual participation and networking to build perceptions complex and contradictory. Perceptions that are applicable to a global audience, interrogating the traditional modes of architectural education, theorising, and practice.”

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architecture + philosophy

Typically held at RMIT Building 8, these talks provide an, “opportunity for a space of exchange between the two disciplines” [of architecture and philosophy]. There is an email newsletter with upcoming talks available on site.

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Joseph Clarke

An architectural writer at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (a what??) maintains this meaty blog about Manhattan and architectural theory and history.

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An MIT Architecture Department journal put together ‘bi-annually’ by which I think they mean twice a year.. Sometimes articles are displayed – otherwise they are just listed by title.

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An american journal of the built and natural environments. Has an emphasis on poetry and fiction

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Grey Room

MIT’s architecture journal. Articles are only available if you pay or have access via a university :(

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Harvard Design Magazine

Good meaty articles – most from each issue are available on site. PDFs also available.

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Robert Hughes on the modernist movement

On the occasion of the V&A’s Modernism exhibition in 2006, Robert Hughes wrote this essay for the Guardian.

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Soft Modernism

‘Soft Modernism’: The World of the Post-Theoretical Designer – Mike Grimshaw locates comfortable ‘wallpaper’ modernism on the ism timeline, with references to whiteness, ornament, Loos, Sullivan and Johnson. “…what is happening is a modernism without theory, without context, that exists as style alone”

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postmodernism vs. modernism - the bickering twins

New York Times (may require free registration) – “Now that this is a po-pomo world, how is Modernism to be understood? Artistic progress has proved to be an illusion. Manifestoes have become impossible.”

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Let's play houses

Fionnuala Neville delves into the relationships between gender and divisions within the house. [11/03]

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Charles Jencks' Jumping Universe

charles jencks – in this transcript of a Radio National interview, Jencks explains his “jumping universe” and discusses Federation Square, Piano and computers in architecture. You’ll no doubt be tickled pink to hear that he likes ARM and DCM more than Rogers and Foster (abc 02/01).

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