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Sprawling from Grace: The Consequences of Suburbanisation

This U.S. documentary from 2008, freely available on Youtube, sells the virtues of the New Urban town centre to the general video-watching population. Unfortunately it uses scare tactics to do so. The first two-thirds warns of impending doom in the peak oil sense. It is only after about an hour of this that we get to their solution, which involves lots of footage of street-side cafes and light rail. The doco supports multi-residential developments alongside transit stops, but not really as a positive in itself, more because doing so will relieve the pressures on ailing freeway infrastructure without breaking the bank.

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Ecological Urbanism vs. New Urbanism

An intelligent review of a 2010 debate at Harvard GSD, at Urban Omnibus.

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Cleantech Corridor & Green District Competition

Registration deadline: August 30
Submission deadline: September

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The Future of the City

An Atlantic special report in May 2010 on American cities – though Wellington NZ does get its own review.

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Bleeding big website with a lot of contributors. They say: “It is a one-stop source for urban planning news, commentary, interviews, event coverage, book reviews, announcements, jobs, consultant listings, training, and more.”

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City Comforts

a U.S. blog on, “cities, architecture, the ‘new urbanism,’ real estate, historic preservation, urban design, land use law, landscape, transport etc etc from a mildly libertarian stance.”

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