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Survey of Post-War Built Heritage in Victoria

posted 08.12 in resources.

“This comprehensive study 2008 study by Heritage Alliance, Melbourne, identifies built places across Victoria from the post-war period that were considered to be of potential heritage significance.” This page contains many PDF...

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RMIT Design Archives Journal

posted 08.12 in resources.

“The RMIT Design Archives Journal is published twice a year from 2011.” The journal, available in PDF format, has occasional issues dedicated to 20th Century Melbourne architectural history.

A decade

posted 09.11 in news.

The news caught up with me on the morning of September 12th 2001, when I got to work. I wrote a stunned mullet wikipedia-style post when I got home. I was mainly trying to get to the bottom of how both towers could implode on themselves, using the...

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What House Is That?

posted 09.11 in resources.

“What house is that? is an exploration of the social and architectural history of Victoria’s housing styles. From our earliest Victorian cottages through to the light filled, open plan houses of the Modern era, we look at the houses...

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Time and Place

posted 07.11 in resources.

This Philip Mark Law film for the Australian Film Commission in 1970 could be a KOYAANISQATSI for the Australian city. A slow beginning pans through tumbledown Victorian buildings. Steadily the modern world is juxtaposed, with jarring musical shifts...

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KCMODERN (archive)

posted 01.10 in resources.

Lively mid-century blog from Kansas, U.S. with lots of original photos of lucky finds. 2024: Seems to have died in 2012 but available still at the Internet Archive.

falling arches

posted 07.09 in news.

40 Wentworth Road
The Vaucluse

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Rivendell - 17 Meredith Circuit

posted 06.09 in resources.

Designed by organic architect Laurie Virr in 1975.

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