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Butterpaper web

posted 04.13 in resources.

A custom web site consultancy run by Peter Johns (editor of this website).

Xenodochium at Public Offer

posted 02.13 in events.

Xenodochium was a gathering for queer() designers and artists() in 2006-8. It’s back for a one off gathering as a part of the Public Offer festival in February 2013. Design Hub – February 21st. Come along from 6.00pm to mingle with LGBT...

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debate: Architecture is ALL about Buildings

posted 10.12 in events.

What Is... Architecture?

In 1968 Hans Hollein wrote: Today a museum or a school can be replaced by a TV set. Architects must cease to think only in terms of buildings… A true architecture of our time will have to redefine itself and expand its means. Many...

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about this website

posted 06.12 in about.

THE ENTITY is run by Peter Johns, a Melbourne architect (2000-2016) and web developer (2001-). The Butter Paper web practice has been in business from 2002-2005 and 2010 ongoing. Opinions on this website do not represent opinions of...

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PROCESS- He Said, She Said - Is the Architect Critic Dead?

posted 05.12 in events.

This month’s topic is a response to Vanessa Quirk’s recent article “The Architect Critic is Dead’. Process will be looking at the role of the architect critic, and their relevance today. The discussion will include...

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Architecture NZ Diaspora issue

posted 09.11 in resources.

“Architecture NZ presents Stories from the Diaspora, the special March/April 2011 issue profiling New Zealand architects abroad. Guest edited by Justine Clark, Paul Walker, Peter Johns and Peter Davies.”

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