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North Apartments

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Seidler and Associates 2003

SAI House (formerly Shell House)

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Blues Point tower

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Built 1961. From an interview Harry Seidler gave to the Sydney Morning Herald in 2002 ( link ): “This is old news, stupid bloody nonsense, I’m sick to death of it. It’s a journalistic gimmick. I’ve always thought Blues...

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The last Seidler

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The practice continues, but the Clarence Street Alliance Francaise building, which is opening in Sydney, is the last penned by him. I can’t find any pics other than the interior one in the BT article.

Harry Seidler and Associates

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In The Mind Of The Architect

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An ABC TV production in 2000 that surveyed contemporary architects and architecture. The site contains a few slideshows an illustrated transcipts.

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