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We need to take back some streets

posted 03.20 in news.

Lygon Street - Street view

This virus thrives on density. Vehicle density has dropped, and drivers are relatively cocooned from risk, but people walking from their cars or homes to buy essentials are landing in a variety of unavoidable and unsafe situations.

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Process: East meets West

posted 11.14 in events.

Process at Loop - logo

Lets discuss the Fuss Public out cry and persistent political determination has seen the East West link occupy headlines and audial space at parliament steps since its inception. PROCESS is chiming in on the conversation with a look into the...

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Plumin awful

posted 07.09 in news.

The Infrastructurist mentioned a study done recently by UCLA. All had thought that the pollution effect of a freeway extended to about 300 metres downwind. Not so, pollutants spread up to 2.6 kilometres downwind, that’s a vulnerable 5.2 km...

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Less roads = less traffic

posted 07.09 in news.

Add more roads and drivers will flock to them. Take roads away and they disappear! INFRASTRUCTURIST VIA PLANETIZEN

The cars that ate the city

posted 11.01 in news.

“So many people. Where are they coming from… where are they going” Bela Lugosi introducing the awful movie “Glen or Glenda?” (1950s) while the camera zooms in on a new-fangled freeway. The city is an organism. Cars...

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