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Design Hub

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Design Hub, Swanston Street

“Design Hub is a new kind of creative environment. It is a community of design researchers for collaborative, inter-disciplinary interaction and education, housed in a purpose-built 10-storey building by Sean Godsell...

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Venice pavilion shortlist yawner

posted 11.11 in news.

The Australia Council yesterday announced its shortlist for the Venice pavilion competition. As expected, they are playing it safe, with just a couple of smallish practices. Given the level of discontent surrounding the competition, it’s...

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Designing for the homeless

posted 09.11 in news.

The question is what can design thinking do to contribute to averting homelessness, mitigating its effects and improving the daily life of those who are homeless and proposing different and longer term pathways to social inclusion, housing, and...

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RMIT Design Hub shovel ready

posted 07.09 in news.

Sean Godsell’s Design Hub is on the verge of construction. After many failed schemes on the old C.U.B. site in Swanston Street, this one appears certain to proceed. According to 5th Estate , it, “will feature a “smart skin” – a...

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RMIT Design Hub

posted 07.09 in resources.

Commencing construction in July 2009. About the CUB site

RMIT University Design Hub Video

posted 06.09 in resources.

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Sean Godsell Architects

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