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Robin Boyd tour

Sunday Apr 18, 2010 at 8:16am  to  at

Victoria,   Australia

Robin Boyd’s design language Sunday April 18
Self-guided tour.

Robin Boyd Foundation

As an author and an orator Boyd used words to construct sentences that conveyed meaning and engage with his readers and listeners. As and architect he used a vocabulary of design tools in a similar way to articulate space, manage structure and create buildings that responded to his client’s brief, personality and chosen site.

This open day provides a remarkable opportunity to observe and analyse Boyd’s design language, or just visit and enjoy 6 outstanding houses designed by Australia’s most influential architect.

  • Inge and Grahame King House and Studio, Warrandyte 1952
  • Stanley Blott House, Lilydale 1955
  • Holford House, Ivanhoe 1956
  • ‘Walsh Street’ Robin and Patricia Boyd House, South Yarra 1959
  • Grant and Mary Featherston.House, Ivanhoe 1969
  • Patrick Hegarty House, East Ringwood 1972
  • Research House, Research 2002
    (Inspired by the Featherston House. Architect: John Henry)

Costs range from $45 to $90.



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