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debate: Less is More VERSUS Less is a Bore

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Sunday Oct 14, 2012 at 3:00pm

Middle Park Bowls Club
Canterbury Road
Middle Park,   Melbourne
Victoria,   Australia   jump to map


… the purpose of ORNAMENT in contemporary architecture?

A building’s ornamentation used to give the person on the street cues as to the importance of the building and its program and function. In contemporary society the way a building communicates through its ornamentation has changed significantly. Can buildings still speak to us and to the wider public? Do they even need to?

Melbourne is a great place to talk about the role of ornament in contemporary architecture and our architects engage with this question in a myriad of passionate and sophisticated ways. What are the foundations for these positions, what attitudes do they represent and in what ways do they engage the people who use them?

Is less MORE or is it just a BORE?

‘Less is MORE’ speakers:
Charity Edwards, Paul Minifie, Simon Whibley

‘Less is a BORE’ speakers:
Nigel Bertram, Kris Green, Jeremy McLeod


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