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Pulling teeth?

Will Alsop leaves architecture for painting:
“I love architecture but one of the things that gets up my nose, particularly in London, is that doing anything is like pulling teeth… There are so many hangers on and architectural advisers who know nothing and it gets in the way.”

Jonathan Glancey surveys other painter architects (including the sad tale of Charles Rennie Macintosh), and hopes that Alsop may return to the drawing board when the economy picks up. “As an architect, Alsop delights some people and riles others; here, though, is that rare thing – an architect who dares to speak his mind in public, and who will be missed by fellow professionals if he decides to take up the brush full time.”

Meanwhile over in sunny Los Angeles, Brad and Barb have been bursting with a contrasting enthusiasm for architecture. Both have been busy building, and love it. They are possibly cushioned by their GFC-proof day jobs.

Brad Pitt has been building a secret sex grotto and a marbled bathroom: “[Architecture] is something I wanted to do for decades. This is like play to me. It’s the only thing that can take me away from any problems I may have.”

Barbra Streisand has been writing a book about her houses – “A Passion for Design” : “Designing and building for me is about the creative process and transformation.”

Neither actor appears ready to take up the profession full time.

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