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Going underground

Hey, if you’re worried about solar flares (not solar trousers), planet X, pole shift, nukes, mega-tsunamis, social anarchy, the flu, 2012 (and so on), then why not invest $50K in a fractional share of a fallout shelter. Plans are here , and the first is being retro-fitted into an old nuclear shelter “strategically located approximately halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas”.

“The masses won’t realize it until it is too late. Vivos is a solution for people to have hope for the future and to help relieve their anxiety in the meantime. Nobody can predict for certain, but we can prepare. Follow your own instincts. Those that did on ‘911’ left the building immediately. Those that did not went back upstairs.”

Hmm.. They must have been at the World Trade Center on the day taking a survey. The Barstow facility comes with a handy nuclear explosion detector:

The floor plan will hopefully not induce rioting amongst the paid-up inmates.


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