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Venice trekking

Shumi Bose at Urban Omnibus walks us through the exhibits at the Venice Biennale. Despite Seijima’s theme being “People meeting in architecture”, Bose found that, “the consideration of people and experience of architecture was pretty remote from most of the exhibits.” For Shumi, the Romanian pavilion won, with its Bellini-at-the-NGV skewed box in a box.

Bahrain have won the Golden Lion for best national participation for their look at their own changing coastline.

I’ll add to this with some other reviews I’ve found but misplaced due to a change of computer.. so scroll down for them in the future.

The future:
Wall Street Journal

Architects, critics, engineers, urban planners, academics and design fans trudge from pavilion to pavilion through the dusty gravel and punishing heat, sweltering in their emphatic eyewear and their black designer suits so unsuited to the heat, their T-shirts emblazoned with the names of typefaces (in those typefaces), acquiring more and more cloth tote bags packed with catalogues and manifestos as they go..

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