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OBJECT speaks to Ivan Rijavec, John Gollings and Daniel Flood about how they achieved stereo images of the city at night for their Venice Biennale exhibit. Turns out to be a tricky procedure requiring a chopper to be flown twice along a path, but the second time 66 metres to the side. I suppose that’s cheaper than hiring a 747 and using two cameras.

The Making Of Now And When from Australian Design Centre on Vimeo.

Now And When: Australian Urbanism was the Australian Pavilion at the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale. In this video, Object talks to creative directors and co-curators Ivan Rijavec and John Gollings, as well as architecture rendering expert Daniel Flood, about how the project came about, and the innovative methods that went into the visually dynamic 3D presentation. Rijavec discusses urbanism and the genesis of the project, Gollings demonstrates the capturing of nighttime stereoscopic images from a helicopter 2000 feet in the air, and Flood rounds out the collation, narration and animation of the 17 included visions of the future of Australian urbanism.

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