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Nakagin Capsule Tower

To make up for last week’s shock about the demolition of Shin Takamatsu’s Syntax building in Kyoto, a building that I thought had been demolished is still just hanging in there. The demolition and replacement of the late Kisho Kurokawa’s Nagakin Capsule Tower (1972) was announced early last year, but there is no sign of action that I can find on the web. Residents have been trying to get the pod stack rebuilt since 2005. Kurokawa’s metabolist intention that the pods be individually updated as required has never been fulfilled, so the 36 year old facilities are getting a bit worn. Asbestos and earthquake concerns are also cited as reasons for the impending tumble. And I don’t know where you get new spooling music tapes for the built in hifi units

Wikipedia pic by Chris 73

Reading Andrew Barrie’s potted history of Japanese architecture , the Metabolists’ efforts to offer clean slate solutions to rocketing city land prices, growing populations, and congestion, seem relevant, idealist, ruthless and quaint all at once. At least they were having a go.

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