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Feeling the pinch

Squatting seemed to have disappeared from the public view in Melbourne, but now it’s back. With rentals almost impossible to find, and not cheap when you do , students have taken over vacant Faraday Street housing owned by Melbourne University. They are hoping to twist Unimelb’s arm till they agree to a housing co-op on the site.


Having a quick look at available rentals in Carlton (working out to a minimum of about $170 per week) then at the youth allowance for students (about $177 per week for a young student living away from home), I would say we have a problem. Brunswick is barely any cheaper.

The Slackbastard blog expects the Melbourne University Council , meeting today at 4pm, will support the co-op. But Slackbastard also says that the Council members are all homeless, which I suspect not to be the case. So who knows.


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