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Arthur Erickson passes on

Arthur Erickson, Canadian architect, died on Wednesday in Vancouver, aged 84. He had been in practice for 55 years. This obituary at the Toronto Star dwells on his low points as well as the high ones (of which there were many). Interesting to hear that Erickson wasn’t crash hot at business, and was declared bankrupt in 1992. “Architecture is a profession of constant disappointment… I’ve been through it so many times. I’m used to the endless disappointment. But I’m still optimistic.”

He also got into a spot of bother very recently with the British Columbian registration board for not attending Professional Development refresher courses – and they insisted he not use the title “architect”. His family responded: “Arthur Erickson has been an architect for 50 years and he cannot help it if people continue to call him one, regardless of the AIBC’s opinion on the matter.”



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