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Shifting sands at Oriental Bay

In the past 100 years the “rotunda” at Wellington’s Oriental Bay has been buffeted not just by wild seas, but also the less predictable winds of change. Shifting needs, mores, and economies have seen the structure reinvented several times, and it’s about to happen all over again.

09.11.19 in buildings authorities

Wellington airport

Studio of Pacific Architecture and Warren and Mahoney have designed the new extensions to Wellington’s boxy old airport. Architect elder, Russell Walden, isn’t pleased with the new look, variously described as rock-like, pumpkin-like, and Flintstones-like.
The vox pop is predictably anti. My snobby favourites on the first of 17 pages are, “Avant Guard naivety” and “it looks hence”.

21.02.08 in buildings 

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