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John likes squares

University of Melbourne students of architecture made this oddball piece in 1965. There are probably a few familiar faces floating through it. The short contains appearances by the brand new architecture building (soon to be demolished), an unfenced Sidney Myer Music Bowl, and a chicken.

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Madden's meeting

Big News has covered the email schemozzle to death, so I thought I’d leave it to them. But I can’t resist this screenshot from ABC TV. Masterful composition. Here is an isolated Madden looking more like Jim Hacker than he would probably like. He had just gate-crashed his way into a very important inquiry into his own department’s pants-down on public consultation. The other lads appear to be leaving him out of their chat. But what on earth has that guy on the right drawn? A legless pelvis? In confident strokes. Great work for a pollie.

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by kdaveson @ 28.09.07 09:19 am
And that’s why he’s reviewing bars instead of architecture.

by anna @ 04.10.07 11:25 pm
she actually. she also works at RRR, hopefully The Architects can set her right.

07.09.07 in weird-wonderful 

Brick veneration

by anna @ 21.06.07 04:25 pm
hmm, have these people ever seen ANYTHING Howard Arkley did??

methinks not…

oh the beigeness

07.06.07 in weird-wonderful 

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