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Madden's meeting

Big News has covered the email schemozzle to death, so I thought I’d leave it to them. But I can’t resist this screenshot from ABC TV. Masterful composition. Here is an isolated Madden looking more like Jim Hacker than he would probably like. He had just gate-crashed his way into a very important inquiry into his own department’s pants-down on public consultation. The other lads appear to be leaving him out of their chat. But what on earth has that guy on the right drawn? A legless pelvis? In confident strokes. Great work for a pollie.


It is with great disappointment that I look a bit closer and realise that it is not a sketch at all, but instead a pair of upturned frameless spectacles. In meetings, upturned spectacles are a sign that things are drawing to a close.

Interpreting upturned glasses as a limbless pelvis means I should probably take the rest of the weekend off.


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fair enuf,
i wanted to believe it was a sketch of a dick head.

by hairdresser on 13/03/10 ·#

The marxicans should admit that this is the final proof of being 25 years behind Queensland.

by luke on 14/03/10 ·#

only 25 years? – justines an 80s rimmer.
famous 4 doing all his projects with texta on sorbent.
anyone know if justine is registered or AIA member?

by hairdresser on 14/03/10 ·#

Registered ARBV

by peter on 14/03/10 ·#

thanks ^
hackoutant obviously plays hard on party donations.

by hairdresser on 14/03/10 ·#

There have been some outstanding graduates come from the Emperor’s Cooking Academy over the years.

by luke on 14/03/10 ·#

reading that email^
strong links btween essendon fc/supporters and 2 gens of labour govt. still strong.

by hardresser on 14/03/10 ·#


by peter on 15/03/10 ·#

irrespective of architectural issues – Madman is still a Carton hero …. surely that is enough?

by luke on 19/03/10 ·#

john helliot also believed he wosn’t a crim.

by hairdresser on 20/03/10 ·#

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