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Northcote bowl's days are numbered

sketch of northcote bowl

Victorian Planning Minster Justin Madden issued a press release yesterday saying that the Planning Department supported Heritage Victoria’s May 2009 determination that Northcote Bowl is not worthy of a heritage overlay. The City of Darebin had been trying to protect the distinctive 1960s building (by architects Fisher and Jackson) from demolition and redevelopment as 96 apartments.

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Posted by Peter on 22.05.10 in 



Such is progress and such is Justin Madden and the Victorian ALP’s depraved liaison with the property developers.

I used to work here, before Northcote was first taken over by ferals, and the subsequent march of the gentrifiers, when bowling was a real sport for some people, not some ironic hipster pastime. A side issue is that the bowling alley closed due to basically a lack of demand as the yuppies and gentrified moved in, but there are a number of restaurants etc who are using the alleys in their fitouts..riiight. Still, I had some great times there from about 1985-2000..RIP AMF Bowl.

by Ed C on 10.06.21, 06:52 pm ·#

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