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Emergency Shelter - call for student proposals

This is a past event.

Australian and International architects have taken action, creating an exhibition highlighting the need for emergency shelters in disaster zones and bringing awareness to the public about the role of the design and construction industry in the aftermath of natural disasters.

As Australian’s and global citizens we know the devastating impact of natural disasters, most recently the toll that the Tohoku Great Earthquake has wreaked on Japan and its people.

As an industry we understand the importance of a structure for people to be sheltered from the elements and have a safe area to call home.

This knowledge empowers us with the ability to do good for the people of Japan that need us in this time of crisis.


• Students can join to submit their proposals. Selected proposals will be exhibited inside the Customs House.
• Students can participate in constructing architects’ shelters together with builders.


Proposed Design for Shelters

- Concept Submission Stage:
Concept diagrams, sketch design, plan and material description in A3 size in PDF format, maximum 1 sheet and 5MB in file size.

- Exhibition:
Each selected student should prepare One (1) A1 landscape style presentation sheet to be exhibited inside Customs House in PDF format, maximum 10MB in file size.

Students Participating

- Contact the following persons by 5th August.

[refer website for email addresses]


• Submission of questions by 15th July
• Answer to questions by 20th July
• Proposed design to be submitted by 5th August
• 15 proposals to be selected by 12th August
• A1 panels of selected designs to be submitted by 29th August
• Exhibition between 1st and 3rd September
• Each student to remove A1 panels on 4th September


Students are able to ask questions via email to
[refer website for email addresses]

For more information please visit

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