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Sketching the Gamut

This is a past event.

Sketching the Gamut will be preliminary stage of a larger art project called THE GAMUT.

‘The Gamut’, is an art project that will involve drawing upon the face of the city, the rough outline of a circle. This form, called The Sydney Green Ring will not be drawn in pencil or ink, but in the topography and built environment of the living city. By mapping together and connecting existing infrastructure, green spaces, waterways, bicycle paths, sites of historical and artistic importance, The Gamut will both discover and inscribe this form in the awareness and imagination of its public. Thus emphasizing and iterating these implicit connections, The Gamut will endeavor to make them manifest, actualizing the circle into a unified, usable, sustainable form inscribed onto the already existing topography of the city.


Proposals due 5:00pm Mon, Sep 5th 2011

New South Wales,   Australia
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