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Density Is Home - Housing By A+t Research Group

A+t Research Group (Editors)
A+t (2011), 400 pages, paperback.

$US70 at Amazon.

A+T’s summary of a review of the book on RRR (Melbourne):

The book is “a great crossover between analysis and glossiness”.
“This is seriously good academic work, as well as being this really useful resource work”.
“The difference with the other (books of the Density series) is that Density is Home really looks what constitutes a good kind of house-home rather than just a crack apartment. Density is conditioned on residential being good”.
“A good mix of photographs, text and drawings, with nice little diagrams. Good layout, the drawings are great”.
“Some of the projects we think they’re great like IJburg in Amsterdam, which is a recent project, they criticise it quite heavily”.
“Some really detailed case studies”.

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