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Flinders Street Station design competition

This is a past event.

Flinders Street Station

Registrations close on August 1st. Here is the link to the competition.

The good news

  • The competition appears to be supported by the AIA.
  • The first stage of the competition is open and design-focused!

The bad news

  • This is a state government competition. Conditions are typical of state and local government contracts. You will keep your intellectual and moral rights in your work (as required by the AIA), but only under the condition that you give them a license to do anything to your work, at any time, without your consent. Very clever.
  • before taking this on, I urge you to read through both the competition guidelines and the contract for the winner (which is set in stone), and pass them by your insurer. It is unlikely that they will cover you for all clauses. The winner’s contract in particular is thick with client-weighted, hold-harmless, sign-your-work-and bank-account-away indemnity and rights clauses.

I could go on about the conditions, but it is really too depressing.

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