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This is a past event.

Gregory Crewdson poster, CCP 2012

Gregory Crewdson takes photos like a film director – with a crew and cast. Initially seeming quite random, a closer look reveals a deliberate staginess, if that’s a word. They’re haunting in the very american manner of Blue Velvet’s opening scene, or the sprawling tracking shot that prefixes Touch of Evil.

CCP are running a competition during the Melbourne exhibition of Crewdson’s work. It’s on Instagram, and all you need to do is take a shot that out-Crewdsons Crewdson. Simple, except that it will have to be low res and square. Not exactly cinematic. The competition is open till November 11th, 2012. Details here

View entries as they roll in at Statigr.am

[ Instagram is an easy-to-use and strangely addictive photo-sharing app for phones and tablets. The company was recently purchased for squillions by Facebook. Butterpaper is on Instagram at _butterpaper ( web feed ) ]

Victoria,   Australia

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