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“ is a digital diary of research on the relationship between basics of geometry and design computing, including the experiments with parametric modeling, architectural geometry, computer-aided fabrication, and exploration of pedagogical approaches for design education. Currently it constitutes the fundamentals of parametric modeling education, by organizing it’s knowledge basis (gnosis), synthetic components (synthesis) and design utilizations (praxis).”

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“DesignByMany is a challenge based design technology community. Users post challenges to the community along with their design source files. The community can then post responses with their own source files to solve the challenge. They can also comment on the challenge and interact with other designers throughout the process.”

in  United States   Last verified 11 years ago.


The GEElab is a creative think & design tank for what is next (in 3-5 yrs) in games & entertainment. We conduct applied, yet critical research at the intersections of game design and game thinking with architecture & urbanism, with mobility, with various media, with entrepreneurship, as well as with novel types of engagement in non-entertainment contexts. The GEElab team explores and evaluates the ways that games and everyday life will mix, and how one could, meaningfully, colonize the other.

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Australian Computational Design in Architecture. Regular events.

in  Australia   Last verified 12 years ago.

3D Tin

3D tin ventures where no 3D program has been before (maybe). This site lets you make and play with blocks inside a standard browser window, then save them. It’s like a really basic Sketch Up, not bad considering it’s made by a guy (Jayesh Salvi) working alone on it, part time, since April.

in  India   Last verified last year.

Digital Morphogenesis

“Evolving architecture through computation”
Daniel Davis’ New Zealand blog (though coming out of Melbourne right now – SIAL to be exact) with a heavy leaning towards unfathomable digital computations. If you’ve ever heard of Grasshopper you might know what this means. A good read for the digitally inclined.

in  New Zealand   Last verified 13 years ago.
Last verified 13 years ago.

Google Building Maker

“Building Maker is a 3D modeling tool for adding buildings to Google Earth. It’s fun to use, and an easy way to get on the 3D map.”

Last verified 14 years ago.
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