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Architects Award 2010

The current Australian Award for Architects (current in May 2012 at least).

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Productivity Commission: Architectural Profession report

The Productivity Commission’s report to the Australian federal government a decade ago focussed on increasing fee competition, and deregulating parts of the Architects Act.

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The ®AIA website’s practice section. Looks useful but it’s only available to members who can find their login details.

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Australian Award rates - companies

Ruddian award rates for architects can be found from this page . Click on 2008: “S-U”, then scroll down to “Technical services: architects”. Note these rates only apply to respondent employers who are constitutional companies (ie P/L). The award text can be found from this page , using the code AP801194 and selecting “AP” from the dropdown list. Note these rates exclude compulsory superannuation.

in  Australia   Last verified 13 years ago.

Architects Accreditation Council of Australia

“The AACA is recognised as the national organisation responsible for establishing, coordinating and advocating national standards for the registration of architects in Australia and for the recognition of Australian architects overseas by the relevant Registration Authorities.”

in  Australia   Last verified 13 years ago.

Association of Consulting Architects - Australia

“The primary role of the ACA is to assist members to navigate their way through the employment processes including wages and awards, conditions of employment, represent them in industrial matters and maintain a concise and current information stream to members to enable the architects to be as little distracted as possible from their primary role of providing well considered designs, documents and other services to their clients.”

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Standards Australia Limited

The home of the Australian Standards, with links to SAI Global where they can be purchased as PDFs or hard copies.

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