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Bridge building

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A great 2007 doco is on ABC iView, until June 14th, on the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Design plagiarism, kidnap attempts, fascists on horses, bank robbing… it’s exhausting.

Bridges over the railway

posted 08.10 in news.

Stumbled upon this 1979 proposal by Steven Holl to span over the Melbourne rail yards with a series of Ponte Vecchio inspired buildings-as-bridges. Kind of nice, post Federation Square, to remember the nature of the rail yards then, though half his...

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Grafton Bridge open day

posted 10.09 in events.

Sunday 4 October 2009
11am to 4pm (official opening by Auckland City Mayor Hon. John Banks, 11am)
Grafton Bridge (enter from Symonds St)

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The Sustainable City

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The Horizontal Eiffel

posted 11.08 in news.

Gustave Eiffel’s 2.5km Long Bien Bridge (1903) in Hanoi has suffered many indiginities in the last 40 years. Half of the cantilever bridge was wiped out by bombing in the Vietnam War. More recent flooding and a truck that was a little bit...

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