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Flinders Street shortlist

posted 10.12 in news.

The shortlisted entrants for the Flinders Street Design Competition were announced on Sunday. Many of Melbourne’s larger more established practices are represented. Only ARM and NH chose to go it alone, with the other Melbourne practices...

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Ballarat best and worst

posted 09.09 in news.

Hot on the heels of an Albury newspaper’s Best and Worst Buildings comes Ballarat’s. A slightly more democratic method of determining the lists was used – polls rather than one journo’s whims. Some good buildings, on both...

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posted 09.09 in news.

As pointed out by Sean in a recent comment , the following BVN designs are somewhat alike. Big white box phase? MYER DOCKLANDS HQ, VIC GALVAN CANCER CENTRE, DARLINGHURST, NSW

Clover Moore and the Cancer Centre

posted 08.09 in news.

click for larger You’ve probably seen around the net news that the City of Sydney has submitted an “alternate” plan for the Garvan St Vincent’s Cancer Centre and UNSW Virology Centre in Darlinghurst, Sydney. This is an...

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