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Flight of fancy

posted 08.11 in news.

Australia’s ABC TV will be showing a four-part series on airports, starting on Sunday 14th August at 4.30pm. Episode 1: Kansai Airport ( Renzo Piano Building Workshop ) Episode 2: Denver Airport ( Perez then ( Fentress ) Episode 3: Shanghai...

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Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

posted 05.10 in resources.

Thames Wharf
[Rainville Road]
London W6 9HA
United Kingdom
Ph: +44 (0) 20 7385 1235

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Sharing it around

posted 05.10 in news.

Richard Rogers on Rogers Stirk Harbour: “The directors have no ownership, we have no shares and we don’t get anything when we leave the practice.’‘ Instead, all profits get distributed to charities chosen by staff,...

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Twitter on Barangaroo

posted 02.10 in news.

Tonight’s talk on Barangaroo, with Paul Keating and Richard Rogers: filtered live via twitter . A sample from John Demanicor: “they’re wearing us down with “soundbites” “place for people” “human...

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