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Architects aren't ready:a divide between academy and reality

Architects aren't ready: There is a stark disconnect between where architects are being trained and where the challenges lie...Solutions may lie in revising academic curricula to ensure that planning and architecture students are forced to embrace the needs of the poorest in their thinking. - Amelia Gentleman, International Herald Tribune

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    Excellent article Eleanor, thanks. The discussion becomes even more pertinent now when all the attention focuses on the market 'meldown'. The environmental crisis and social needs, as commented by the UN recently, are being ignored.
    From the same article...
    "Seventy percent of architects come from the developed world but 70 percent of the work is in the developing word. There is a total mismatch", said Gaétan Siew, president of the International Union of Architects, at the conference on issues of urbanization organized by the Rockefeller Foundation in Italy last month."
    "These architects are trained to work in their own country, not in the developing world. There is mobility of architects, but with mobility you can get inappropriate solutions"
    "The entire continent of Africa has 35,000 trained architects, of whom 25,000 are in Egypt. "Italy alone has three times this number," Siew said. "You can see the magnitude of the problem."
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