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'East meets West': new architectural concepts for Beyo&#

'East meets West' with new architectural concepts for Beyoğlu

ISTANBUL - Turkish Daily News
Displaying new architectural designs for some Istanbul districts, the exhibition “East meets West” opened yesterday in the Ek Hizmet Binası hall on the 150th anniversary of Beyoğlu district, promoting its urban development in preparation for Istanbul's selection as the European Culture Capital of 2010.

Some ideas of how to revitalize the area proposed through cooperative efforts by the architecture and urban development departments of Istanbul's Yıldız Teknik University and the University of Siegen in Germany include the building of a broad promenade in the unused Tophane neighborhood to make space where people may stroll alongside the Bosporus and children can play while parents shop in stores that would replace the currently empty stock houses. Other ideas include building a so-called “European building” for sports on the shores of the Golden Horn and establishing a new Goethe Institute close to the Galata Tower.

The project aims to exploit the district's excellent location in view of the Bosporus and the Golden Horn, its urban density and characteristic topography as well as its rich cultural heritage. In addition to the Tophane and the Galata areas, development ideas for the Perşembe Pazarı area of the Golden Horn as well as ideas regarding the historic Ottoman Han, or caravansary, are also on display in the exhibition.

Cooperation with historic roots

The project grew out of the cooperation between ...
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