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Great sites to visit and bookmark

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Just got introduced to a site out of New York called
Fantastic level of funky production, massive link list, large staff and a lot of architectural content set up on the same premises as Butterpaper. That is, overflowing favorites list organised, packaged and put out there. It"s major raison' is greenness. Out of Seattle USA is Enviromental commentry for the unruffled. High fact low bull mainly US focus


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    Just a bit further. Check out the Urban planning link under 'more...' on
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    Also ' bldg blog" and 'eyecandy" I really have to learn the hyper link stuff but a wee search will find them i am sure if taged with architecture via google
    both are essentially photo libraries of new building from around the world. Design porn of a high quality and bldg blog has lectures and essays, etc as well. Great stuff for quiet moments
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    is an interesting and eclectic collection of daily blog postings. check out The Glue Society link for fantastical satelite images from NASA of biblical events.
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    A total respect site
    Here is a site that has recieved comendation from ethical respondants the world over. This is an award winning beauty with a large built enviroment section besides a lot more. Well worth an extended stop-over.
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