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Are you an APEC Architect ?

Are you an APEC Architect ?

Did you know of APEC Architects? Apparently "we" architects, support the "progressive liberalisation of trade in services through the reduction of regulatory restrictions". Hum, I don't remember having been asked about this one.

I do remember the look of the streets of Sydney ‘under siege’ because of APEC. I would have though that architects cared about cities (the social space), about sustainability, about improving living conditions.

The description below suits a banker more than an architect--in my modest view. Nothing on education, heritage, environment... But hey! The president of the RAIA speaks for the developers these days--as if they needed more encouragement (How developers have historically shaped our cities, 3/11/07)

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a cooperative association between 21 regional economies, founded to promote economic and technical cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. APEC builds on WTO General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS) principles for the progressive liberalisation of trade in services through the reduction of regulatory restrictions, leading to reciprocal agreements between member economies where appropriate.

The APEC Architect framework is a direct response to these commitments.

Australia, along with a number of other APEC member economies, has agreed to participate in the APEC Architect framework.

The aim of the framework is to facilitate the access of APEC Architects to independent practice within the Region.

Those economies who are participating in the framework are:
. Australia
. Canada
. People's Republic of China
. Hong Kong China
. Japan
. Republic of Korea
. Malaysia
. Mexico
. New Zealand
. Republic of the Philippines
. Singapore
. Chinese Taipei
. Thailand
. United States of America

A Central Council has been established by the participating economies. Each participating economy has established a Monitoring Committee to take responsibility for administration of the APEC Architect framework in that economy.

Find this 'beauty' at:
And if interested in the 'real world', the UIA and UNESCO have developed a Charter for Architectural Education, it doesn't only deal with education, but with what architects could do if they wanted to contribute to more than egos and pockets
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