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next wave

edited December 2007 in architecture
ok. shall we have a go at davina's latest effort?
the images are nice, the design ok but the text is beyond bad.....its weird.


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    Please explain. Or don't you have enough time on your hands?
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    volume whatever of her irrelevant opus on mainstream australian architecture.
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    Oh, it's a book!
    Haven't read it, haven't bought it. I'll look out for it.
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    Sorry Miles, still haven't read the book. Just don't have enough time.
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    Got to read a snippet of Next Wave and looked through it for ten minutes at the MCA book shop over Christmas (that is, the Museum of Modern Art at Circular Quay. Great Julie Rapp retrospective on at the moment with an especially good one called 'Body Double', if you're into that sort of thing)

    I agree with Miles in so far as the titles which are totally shite in the way that 80's styling is totally shite and the layout could have had a professional edit (too small text that has to be read with ones head tilted 90 degrees) but otherwise I thought the selection was interesting in the 'wierd way' of those who choose thier own fate (see my rant on 'art in architecture'). Davina has simply compiled a list, with none too superfluous a description, of contemporary practitioners. Good luck to her, especially with the terrible text and titles.

    I can't see how Hairdresser finds it an "irrelevent opus" unless, hairdresser, you're referring to the fact that you don't appear in it, as i think it no more or less irrelevant than a book on contemporary Chinese cooking.
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    What? No Hairdresser!
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