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some advice please

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to get some advice from someone in the industry-

Currently I'm working for a cabinetmaker (have been there for 5 years), and am wanting to move into an Interior Design/Drafting role in a design-oriented consultancy or similiar.

I was hoping for some advice, or some feedback on what you would be looking for when employing someone in this kind of role.

About 8 years ago, I completed my degree in Industrial Design (RMIT); and at the moment, I'm thinking of doing a short-course in CAD to refresh my skills, to help me get the job i want.

From my current job - i have a lot of experience with joinery detailing, but feel that cad skills are also looked at as very important by the employers.

I had no problems with cad at uni, but since i don't get to use it at work, i've become a little rusty in it.

==> Can you recommend a course/school in Melbourne that would be of benefit for my situation?

many thanks :-)


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    I am not in 'the industry' per see but it sounds to me that you know what you need to do all-ready. Check out refresher courses at your local TAFE. Holmsglen TAFE has a good design reputation I have heard so I am sure their CAD gurus are up to scratch.
    With your skills you could probably set up on your own as a consultant to Interior Designers who don't have the nouse for detailing furniture and built-ins that you have. Plenty of people 'professionally qualified' know what they want to build but don't know how to build it. It's kind of funny just how many people can imagine a design but can only see its surface and not its interior structure. If that's what you can see, and detail it, then you have a valuable resource that you really should not just accept a wage for.
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