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How to study Arch. part-time? Impossible?

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Is the education system now geared entirely to profitability over practicality?

I am currently working as a BIM/CAD drafty and have a healthy mortgage to pay off. I would like to head back to Uni to study Architecture but I keep running into brick walls. Do any Uni's in Melb offer part time study apart from Deakin in Geelong.

I had tried to enrol in the Dip. Building Design at RMIT, until they also suspended part time study as "the funding had dried up for part time" (RMIT's words). Although I am currently attending 2 nights a week at RMIT for the Dip. Building/Construction just to keep my mind active and continue with the gaining of my wisdom :)

Most of my Google searches for "study Architecture part-time" throw up great stories from the 70's of guys returning to study and becoming registered (thanks Gough).

Is this just out of the question unless I leave full-time work and allow my wife to support me, the kids, Hecs & mortgage?


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    if you can get in rmit school offers part-time (most of classes are run in evening in upper years)
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