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London's new look offers lessons for Vancouver


London's new look offers lessons for Vancouver

From Friday's Globe and Mail

March 21, 2008 at 12:00 AM EDT

LONDON — Imagine 30 units of social housing plopped down amidst the art galleries, exclusive shoe shops and high-end restaurants of South Granville. Incongruous?

How about these ideas: subsidized rental apartments literally on top of Robson Street's flashy strip of Asian tourist-attracting designer boutiques; seniors, students and artists living close enough to its Hollywood C-list-attracting Cal-Italian restaurants to wake up to the smell of garlic.

British architect Paul Davis has just built juxtapositions as radical as these for one of the toniest zones in all London.

Like South Granville or Robson Street, Sloane Square rents out as one of the priciest residential and retail districts in the British capital. The haunt of pre-princess Diana Spencer, Londoners say "Sloanes" as we say "yuppies."...

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